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Davis Lip & Eye Liner 12 Pencils

Rs.1,400 Rs.1,299

Lip liner
12 classic colors (Random)
Excellent value for money
High quality copy
Perfect gift for her


Product Description

Davis Lip & Eye Liner 12 Pencils

Eyeliner & Lip liner pencils are made to give you that extra consistent color you have been waiting for. They are extremely easy to apply, comfortable and sharpen to a fine print to allow for a defined application.

Now you do not need to look elsewhere, as we provide you with a deal you simply cannot refuse. At an amazing price tag of just Rs. 990 instead of Rs. 1,400, you can get this astonishing pack of 12 eyeliner and lip liner pencils in no time.
So, Ladies, jaldi se Deal Karo!! 🙂


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