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Pack of 5 Mini Upper Shrugs

Rs.3,000 Rs.1,399


  • Pack of 5 Mini Upper Shrugs
  • Shrugs Available Colors: Black, White, Red, Pink, Navy Blue, Steel Grey, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Sea Green, Beige, Brown, Maroon
  • 90% cotton 10% polyester
  • Viscose fabric
  • Hand wash only
  • Standard size
  • Free Delivery Natiowide
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Product Description

Pack of 5 Mini Upper Shrugs

Women’s wardrobe, no matter what, always has room for more & more outfits and clothes. Keeping that in sight, here is something that should fit perfectly inside your treasure worthy wardrobe. This full sleeve women’s shrug is capable of giving all the females out there a new, contemporary appeal like no other. Shrugs carry their own significance, which is best understood when one wears them and instantly stand out from everyone else.




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